Bacula: 'query' command doest work.

Need to move sample-query.sql into /etc/bacula.

Automatically selected Catalog: MyCatalog
Using Catalog “MyCatalog”
Available queries:
1: List up to 20 places where a File is saved regardless of the directory
2: List where the most recent copies of a file are saved
3: List last 20 Full Backups for a Client
4: List all backups for a Client after a specified time
5: List all backups for a Client
6: List Volume Attributes for a selected Volume
7: List Volumes used by selected JobId
8: List Volumes to Restore All Files
9: List Pool Attributes for a selected Pool
10: List total files/bytes by Job
11: List total files/bytes by Volume
12: List Files for a selected JobId
13: List Jobs stored on a selected MediaId
14: List Jobs stored for a given Volume name
15: List Volumes Bacula thinks are in changer
16: List Volumes likely to need replacement from age or errors
17: List Volumes Bacula thinks are eligible for the changer
18: List Volumes by Volume:
19: List Volumes by Jobs:
20: List Volumes for a jobname:

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