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Intro to Php Objects.

I wrote up this quick little banking script to illustrate how to do simple object oriented programming in php5 using classes. Functions within a class are known as methods.


class account_transact
    var $balance;
    var $account_type;
    var $amount;

    function get_bal($account_type)
            #query for sql to look up account
            #query for sql to look up account
        return $balance;
    function verify_account($account_type)
        if($account_type=="checking" || $account_type=="savings")
            #account verified
            return $account_type;
            echo $account_type." is not a valid account";
    function deposit($account_type, $amount)
        print "Balance for <b>".$account_type."</b> is <b>$".$new_bal."</b><BR>";

//create new class instance
$transaction=new account_transact();

//checking deposit



Using Ternary PHP Conditionals (short hand)

Standard php conditional:

  1. if (date("G") < 12) {
  2. echo 'Good morning';
  3. } else {
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    echo 'Good afternoon';

  5. }


  1. $greeting = (date("G") < 12) ? 'Good morning' : 'Good afternoon';
  2. echo $greeting;